Video: Panopto - Next steps

Are you already using Panopto for simple recordings and want a deeper understanding of more of the features?

This webinar we will look at how to use the web editor to organise your recording and how to use captioning to improve accessibility. It will cover how Panopto can work with other tools such as YouTube, Canvas and hand-held devices. There will be opportunities to ask questions after each topic.

Topics covered:

  • Options for recording presentations using Panopto
  • Using the Panopto web editor for copying/splitting/merging and referencing sessions
  • Tips on using Canvas to make a recording available to students
  • Tips and tricks such as adding a YouTube recording to a talk
  • Select and use suitable accessibility features such as the built-in automatic captioning
  • Adding multiple inputs such as using a phone as if it was a whiteboard in a presentation

For more information and to book your place visit the Video: Panopto - Next steps course information page. The sessions will be run twice a week throughout September.  

If you have never used Panopto before, please attend the Video: Panopto - First steps workshop before this one.

For more help with Panopto visit Replay training and how-to guides.