Remote working with Teams

If you are new to Nexus365 and Teams, this webcast will help you think about how you will use them for remote working.

If you are working at home, find out how and why to store your work – and find it again – in the cloud. Understand the different uses of Teams file store, OneDrive, file-sharing and co-editing. Discuss the value of video/audio calling using Teams, and instant communication using typed Chat messages.

Join our lively presentation online from where you are, with demos to watch and tasks to try out at home. Hands-on practical activities are provided to help you to learn by experiment after the presentation. A safe 'sandbox' Team will be available for participants to try out the apps and exchange ideas with colleagues and our teachers.

Intended Audience

Anyone - staff, researchers, academics, administrators who find they need to use Nexus365 and Teams for remote working

How to book

You can book your free place on our IT courses booking system