A guide to career development

Role types and career pathways

Within this section we show the typical range of roles in IT within the University, including those in IT Services, divisional and departmental units. The guide includes sample job descriptions and selection criteria for the wide variety of roles available and shows how they relate to each other. If you are already a part of our team, or thinking about joining us, we have also provided examples of the pathways that you could take in following your chosen career.

The guide will help you to:

  • identify the types of roles in IT available at Oxford University covering a range of levels across the organisation
  • learn about the typical selection criteria and experience required for each position
  • draft a career progression plan and identify the development opportunities available within IT at Oxford University


Developing yourself

While the University and your manager will be supportive, ultimately, you are responsible for your own professional development. Taking time to focus on your development can help you to feel more confident about your capabilities, keep track of your progress and identify opportunities to help you achieve your objectives. Exploring the roles available within the University will help you to identify areas of development or training that will enable you to achieve your goals.

Please remember that the positions included in this guide are examples only – if advertised for recruitment the job description may be different. Salary details will also only be published when a role is advertised for recruitment.
However we have provided links to supplementary information (see Related links) which will help you understand how career and pay progression works within the University. This includes information on HERA (Higher Education Role Analysis) which is a tool used within the higher education sector to analyse roles and determine the appropriate grade and hence the salary.