Online meetings, chat and calls

In addition to email, our recommended tools for staying connected with colleagues at Oxford, and those further afield, include Teams and Chorus. A little information about each is below to help you decide which is most appropriate for your communications needs.

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Widely in use within and outside of Oxford, Teams is great for online meetings, instant chat messages and sharing files. Teams allows focused messaging on specific topics through the chat functionality within channels meaning you can keep conversations together for easy access. 

Chat is part of Teams and can also be used for messaging and meeting with anyone at Oxford University. Messages are saved, so always be aware of GDPR guidelines. 

Advice and guidance for getting started with Teams can be found on the IT Help website.


Chorus is the University’s unified communication system. 

Chorus offers so much more than a desk phone including such features as a web portal to manage your calls, a mobile phone app, a softphone feature (to use your phone through your computer), voicemail and more. You can also collaborate using telephone conferencing through Chorus. 

Further information about Chorus and how to use it is also on the IT Help website.