Applications Advocates - Padlet

Welcome to the third in our series of Applications Advocates articles.  

Each advocate outlines the main features of their favourite app, why the app might be useful, and tips for getting the most from it. Following our articles about Delve and Miro, apps to look forward to hearing about include Visio and more.

This time, we hear from Head of Business Analysis, Heidi Hunt, who tells us all about Padlet.

Name of application


How to find and use it

On the website - there is also a free Windows application available which is compatible with touch screen devices.

It's free to use for up to three boards. If you want to use more than three, there is the option of a paid licence which enables additional features and boards.

What it does

A digital canvas to create, share and collaborate on simple data capture. It supports working in a remote working/hybrid set-up.

How it looks

Padlet – best bits and top tips

  • Completely customisable board including colour scheme, theme, background and contribution controls
  • Any number of columns can be added
  • Straightforward copy and pasting with Https: address generated for each board
  • You can have unlimited contributors
  • Works well for workshops and brainstorming with larger groups
  • Each Padlet board can be cloned, printed or exported for future use
  • Everything autosaves and is really user-friendly
  • In settings ensure you make commenting available
  • Great gallery with sample boards, ideas and help available

It’s a life-saver for…

We have been using it to supplement Teams calls by capturing content from the audience, as all you need to do is copy the Padlet https link (e.g. Padlet example link) and paste it into the Teams chat. People can then click on and access the Padlet board.

Other example uses might include:

  • During a workshop session to capture participants input on key questions
  • Sending as a link for a group of stakeholders to add comments over a period of time, so they can contribute when they have time to, rather than just within a set team meeting
  • For capturing team members' contributions during an online Teams meeting to document concerns/issues, for example about return to onsite working. That way everyone's input is captured and reviewed.

What makes it better than its closest competitor?

Unlike applications such as Trello or Planner, you don't have to set up and add any users to the board itself. The link gives the connection and users choose if they contribute only to that one board or if they want to sign up for a free account. This makes it simple and easy to use for everyone - the ultimate collaboration tool.

Do you have a favourite application?  

Please get in touch and let us know.