Collaborative innovation with Oxford Ideas

Are you interested in engaging your team in decision making for new initiatives? Are you keen on discovering the best ideas from your students? Or are you seeking new allies or sponsors for your research? The Digital Innovation Team is here to help with tools for collaborating effectively.   

Our Oxford Ideas Service is an idea management platform designed to support collaborative innovation across Oxford University. Contributors can post ideas, add comments and vote for their favourite suggestions. Feedback can be shared in real time to address local or global challenges and co-create solutions. And best of all, it’s free for you to use! 

Ways Oxford Ideas can help you collaborate

Great for all sorts of collaboration activities such as running consultation exercise to drive new initiatives, identifying new opportunities and encouraging participation within your team or across the University, Oxford Ideas has many other uses as well, including: 

  • finding new ways of engaging with the public by engaging them in idea generation campaigns 
  • working with your department on a new strategy  
  • gathering new ideas and prioritising the best solutions for your project 

The initial phase of Digital Transformation Programme used the Oxford Ideas platform as a consultation tool to gather requirements from students, researchers and professionals. Generating more than 200 ideas, this campaign broke records for participation and interactions generated through comments and voting. 

If you are working on a project that needs input from others, talk to us about setting up a campaign for you. 

How to access the Oxford Ideas platform 

Provided by the IT Services Digital Innovation team, the Oxford Ideas platform (also known by its commercial name as IdeaScale) is available for all Oxford University members to use free of charge.  

To find out more about the platform and how it works, or to set up your campaign, send an email to