Delivering improvements our customers want

Our customer satisfaction surveys have now been in place for a year and the central IT Service Desk has a wealth of information to act upon. Survey invitations are sent following support calls, and feedback is proving invaluable in helping us to focus on the improvements our customers want to see. 

As well as monitoring recurrent issues and individual pieces of feedback, we measure both customer return rates and satisfaction scores. After twelve months, both remain pleasingly consistent.  Return rates (the number of customers competing the survey) range between 12  and 20 per cent each week, and scores rating 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' have been consistently above 80 per cent, often over 90 per cent.

We are pleased that we have been able to share our experiences with other support centres. The Student Systems Support Service implemented customer satisfaction surveys for their own support calls in April 2019. John Nicholas, Head of Student Systems Support Centre told us: “we are pleased with the overall process and indeed the actual results that are coming back. I am fully aware though that with the returns we are getting, that this is just one indicator amongst many factors to the quality of service”.  More recently, IT Services supported both the Financial Systems Support Centre and DARS to go live with their own surveys on 1 October 2019.

We want to thank you for all the feedback you’ve sent in so far – and encourage you to continue making use of this route to highlight what’s important to you. More specifically, do please keep on letting us know if someone has truly made a difference to your day. Being able to share and celebrate individual, personal feedback such, as the comments below, always makes a huge difference to those working in first-line support roles.


“Your response was quick and good. It is very good to be able to rely on this being so.”

“The chap who sorted out my problem was totally brilliant. He knew how to resolve the problem and talked me through it in a pleasant and patient way.”