How to get IT help

From 27 July the Central IT Service Desk will no longer be accepting emails to raise support calls. However, our updated and streamlined service is designed to make it easier and quicker for you to get IT help. 

For the fastest way to contact the Central IT Service Desk, there is no change - please telephone 01865 (6)12345. If our telephone lines are busy, the call-back feature will hold your place and our analysts will give you a call back when you reach the top of the queue.  

For those times when you need help or want to request something specific, head over to the new-look IT Self Service portal. Here you can also provide further detail for your open support calls or raise an issue on behalf of someone else.  

If you are unable to log in with your SSO, you can still raise a support call using the no login alternative.

Benefits of IT Self Service 

With familiar features, IT Self Service is now more flexible and user-friendly, making it quick and straightforward for you to raise and manage your support calls and requests.   

But there’s more going on behind the scenes than you might realise. For instance, did you know: 

  • Support calls logged through IT Self Service via SSO verify your identity immediately, saving time. 
  • IT Self Service also lets you raise issues on behalf of someone else, and report problems affecting more than one person.  
  • Details gathered through our Request for Help form are designed to help prioritise your support call more effectively.  
  • Service requests are tailored to gather the right amount of detail so that they can be routed directly to specialist teams for action, resulting in fewer delays.  
  • For urgent updates on existing support calls, you can telephone the Service Desk quoting your reference number and our staff will be able to advise.  

Getting IT help 

Find out more about how to get IT support and read about the features of our new-look IT Self Service in our recent article