IT Support Review 2019

If you’ve been wondering whether IT support calls are growing or in decline, who calls with queries, or which services generate the most support calls, then you’ll be pleased to know that we keep track of this information, and our latest Support Review infographic is now available.  

Infographic 113053 customer calls 63%, resolved first contact, more than half resolved first day, most calls from UAS etc.

During the twelve months covered by the report over forty per cent of the calls we received were in relation to three main areas: Nexus365, Financial Systems, and Managed Desktop Services. This is consistent with previous years and helps us to focus our resources. Overall the number of calls increased by around five per cent, but despite this the proportion of calls we resolve in our first conversation with callers remained high at around sixty per cent, and we are pleased about this.  But what makes us particularly happy is that there was a huge shift towards self-service with well over ten thousand more self-service requests than the previous year! This is great news as this directly impacts our ability to provide predictable, reliable support to our customers across Oxford University.  

We think there is a lot of good news in the report, but we are not resting on our laurels and have plans in place for continuous improvement.  We are proud of our highly professional colleagues across IT Services and our Support Centres who have been there for academics, students, staff and visitors in their times of IT need over the last year. Their supportive, collaborative, and accountable approach is what makes a difference to individuals who contact us, and what makes this a great place to work.