The path to IT enlightenment

We know how hard it can be to find time to book a course, even a short one to top up your knowledge base. That's why our IT Learning Centre colleagues are making it as easy as possible for everyone at Oxford University to top up their IT skills or learn something new.

In our series of articles about IT skills training at Oxford, we told you what LinkedIn Learning is all about and how you can access LinkedIn Learning on your mobile device (including step-by-step guidance).  This time, we want to tell you about Learning Paths.

How do I decide which courses to take?

When you have logged in and had a look around LinkedIn Learning, you might be wondering which course is best for you, or what to look at next.  A great way to find content that interests you or that is related to a topic you have discovered, is by following a Learning Path.

More than 70 Learning Paths are available on LinkedIn Learning, each providing several courses focused around a larger topic.  Some examples of popular Learning Paths are Become a Web Developer, Master Microsoft Excel, or Improve Your Presentation Skills.

Every Learning Path includes courses and videos from different instructors, all geared towards helping you develop a specific set of skills. And importantly, the time that it takes to follow the Learning Path is also shown, helping you to plan your time effectively.

How do I find a Learning Path?

When you log in, your Learning homepage will show you a selection of featured Learning Paths, or you can simply search for a topic in LinkedIn Learning and filter the search to show Learning Path.  

I prefer interactive, teacher-led instruction

Never fear, our skilled IT Learning Centre instructors are still providing a range of regular 'live' online courses and seminars covering a wide range of topics.

At the moment, these courses are released weekly, so do check the Digital Skills Courses page regularly to find out what's on.

Still have questions?  Contact the IT Learning Centre for answers.