Getting the most from your Oxford experience

This series of short talks and presentations about student life at Oxford aims to help students get the most out of being at Oxford. 

The wide range of topics available includes settling in to Oxford life, a variety of  kindness and wellbeing advice, exam preparation tips and much more.  

Take some time for yourself and explore the collection.

Podcasts for everyone

New material about a wide variety of topics is regularly added to the vast wealth of audio and video material available free of charge on the University’s Podcasts website and Apple Podcasts. With more than 12000 podcasts available, subjects include research outputs, lectures aimed at students and the wider public, interviews with world-leading thinkers, and more.

There's something for everyone, browse and see what's there for you!

More about podcasting at Oxford

Our team of digital video and audio specialists (Educational Media Services) is responsible for Oxford’s podcasting and media publishing, supporting teaching and promoting University or college activities to a global audience.

If you are a member of staff at University of Oxford and would like to contribute a podcast from your department, college, or faculty please visit Getting started with podcasting for all the information you need..