SharePoint on-premise is closing in one year

Microsoft will be withdrawing support for SharePoint on-premise from April 2023, which means it becomes highly risky to continue using it. Therefore, we are withdrawing the service in April 2023 - all Oxford University sites must be shut down and content moved, archived or deleted as soon as possible.

It’s also worth noting that SharePoint on-premise is not secured with multi-factor authentication, so to enhance the security of your documents, you should consider moving content to SharePoint Online..

Find out about moving to SharePoint Online

Many departments and colleges across Oxford have already started setting up sites in SharePoint Online and are seeing the benefits from the new platform and additional security features.

You can find out if your department or college already has a presence on SharePoint Online by checking the list of Departments and Colleges already on SharePoint Online. Please get in touch with your local Site Network Administrator (SNA), listed alongside each unit on that page, to discuss how your SharePoint site fits into the existing structure.

Keeping up to date with new features in SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online sites come with a number of easy-to-setup templates, which mean you can quickly get started building your own professional-looking site.

The best way to keep up-to-date with what’s going on in SharePoint Online is to join the Nexus365 User Group (NUG) on Teams, the code is LNJVOFR.

To find out more about new features, keep an eye on the New and Upcoming in N365 channel. You can also share your experiences of using SharePoint Online with others across the University, and ask for informal support from the Nexus team through the SharePoint Online User Group channel.

Regular news on the wind-down of SharePoint on-premise will also be posted in the SharePoint Online Root site so please check in regularly to see any updates or milestones in the wind-down of the service.