Improving your Wi-Fi experience

We’ve been making changes to improve your experience of Wi-Fi at the University of Oxford. These are part of an ongoing service programme driven by student feedback from our Student Wi-Fi Experience Survey.

Get connected more easily

You said that it was difficult getting connected to Wi-Fi and our instructions were hard to find, confusing, or didn't work.

We have:

  • Simplified our guide for eduroam Wi-Fi and confirmed that it is up-to-date and works on all supported devices
  • Reviewed college websites and asked colleagues to link to our shared guidance or update instructions that don’t work reliably
  • Reviewed central University websites and confirmed that these link to the correct guidance on our site.

Have your Wi-Fi issues recognised and taken seriously

You said that Wi-Fi issues were not being fixed quickly enough, and you had to find your own solutions.

We have:

  • Shared the results and comments with relevant central and college IT support staff so they understand how you feel
  • Shared the results and sample comments with the Colleges ICT Steering Committee so they can prioritise and sponsor improvements
  • Confirmed that IT managers, in colleges and central services, are committed to providing good customer service and resolving issues in a timely manner
  • Provided updated technical information to help college IT support staff diagnose and fix Wi-Fi connection issues

Get help for Wi-Fi issues, 24/7

You said that you often don’t seek support when things go wrong with Wi-Fi. We appreciate that you might not have time or the inclination to find someone who can help, so we have:

Next steps

You also said that you experienced problems connecting Amazon Alexa, gaming consoles and other devices, and reported a wide range of other symptoms that had not been fully investigated and resolved.

We will:

  • Survey colleges to confirm who supports Internet of Things (IoT) devices and share how to connect them
  • Seek fixed-term appointment of a dedicated person who can carry out a deep-dive investigation of ongoing issues, to help resolve them but also to see whether there are underlying problems that we can fix and to refine our online Wi-Fi guidance.