What does Nexus365 do anyway?

During 2018, Nexus365 was rolled out across Oxford University, bringing new ways of working to us all. Did you know you can hold meetings without leaving your desk? Or collaborate on documents without emailing them around for comments? Wading through track changes and losing track of which version is which are things of the past. By using just a handful of the many tools at your fingertips, you can significantly reduce your inbox clutter and work more efficiently. Secure, effective and efficient collaboration is the future! Do you want to know more?  

The choice of tools may seem endless but IT Services is here to help. Our January 2019 newsletter showcased a number of Nexus365 features - see if any can help you to streamline your day.  Or you could try some of the free courses available on Lynda.com – you can access most of them on this handy playlist, or just search in Lynda.com for 'Office 365 Teams'. Of course, the Nexus365 help page has useful information and links too.