Storing, sharing and backup

A few of our recommended tools for storing, sharing and backing up your files are outlined below. Tools and services are also available for keeping research documents, data and other files secure and accessible.

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You can use Teams to store and work together on documents with your immediate team, without checking them in and out. Find out more about getting started with Teams and ways of using this versatile tool.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online lets you control who can access or edit your documents which is useful for collaborative work. It's easy to share ‘work in progress’ files more widely with colleagues across the University. Help and guidance for using SharePoint Online is available including a downloadable quick reference guide outlining the difference between Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive (PDF).

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is useful if you need to temporarily share files outside of University while you are working on them. Final versions should be moved elsewhere, for example your departmental shared drive. More information about OneDrive for Business. Our guidance for using OneDrive to share large files has useful advice.  

Backup services  

If you need a backup service, two free services are available depending on your needs. The HFS CrashPlan backup service provides secure backups of University data on personal, single-user computers like your desktop and laptop at work and at home. The Spectrum Protect service is suitable if you have large data sets or need to back up a server or shared machine.

See also our collection of tools for researchers to enable secure, easy-to-use storage and sharing.

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