Research collaboration and storage

As well as the collaboration tools for meeting and messaging and storing and sharing files which are free to use at Oxford, some special software has been made available for research and other similar activities. We've outlined some of our popular options available below but our Research computing and support page has additional information about other services.

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Electronic lab notebooks (ELNs)

Electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) offer a digital alternative to the traditional paper version and offer a number of potential benefits. Easily searchable from any computer or device with internet access, you can safely store and use your research data and experimental records.

More information about the Electronic Lab Notebook service is on our IT Help website.  You can also join the growing user group to connect with other Oxford ELN users. All you need is your SSO and the code zojks9b.


The University's Digital Preservation service is called DigiSafe. DigiSafe provides a storage solution for off-site archiving of material, offering a secure system for long-term preservation of digital objects. Easy-to-use, flexible, affordable and scalable, DigiSafe gives you easy access to archived files and granular access permission settings, DigiSafe is great for short or long-term archiving (10+ years) with 100 per cent data integrity.

DigiSafe information and guidance is also on the IT Help website.

Research File Service (RFS)

The Research File Service (RFS) provides reliable and resilient, secure, scalable and accessible University-approved, central storage facility for active research data. The first phase of RFS can be used for public and internal (non-confidential) files by University researchers - external collaboration and confidential data will be available in later phases.

Find out more about RFS and how to access it. You can also join the RFS User Group with the code 8l48j0t.

Advanced research computing (ARC)

Advanced research computing (ARC) is a central IT resource providing a free to use, high performance computing service to Oxford University researchers. Visit the Advanced Research Computing website for more information about ARC and how to access this service.

Oxford University Research Archive (ORA)

Available to everyone at the University, the Oxford Research Archive is a searchable repository of theses and other publications including  articles, conference papers and data. 

The Research Data Oxford website has more information storing and sharing data at Oxford University.