Learn IT skills for free

Have you forgotten how to make that spreadsheet behave how you want it to, or heard about software that you think could help with your research? Refresh your skills or learn new ones with LinkedIn Learning - it's free with your Oxford SSO!

Why use LinkedIn Learning?

Here are a few top reasons for using LinkedIn Learning. You can: 

  • Access courses from anywhere in the world on your desktop, mobile or tablet. Here's how to access LinkedIn Learning from your mobile device.
  • Download and watch courses offline, whatever works best for you. 
  • Find content that interests you and follow a Learning Path - these include courses focussed around larger topics such as Become a Web Developer, Master Microsoft Excel, or Improve Your Presentation Skills. 
  • Sign in with your Oxford SSO. You don't need a LinkedIn profile or account, but if you do have one, you can easily share your learning successes if you want to.  

With more than 13,000 high quality courses in creative, technology and business skills – all taught by industry experts, LinkedIn Learning is available for all staff and students at Oxford University to use for free. Join more than 8000 of your colleagues who are already using this excellent resource and find out how to get started with LinkedIn Learning

Popular courses

Thousands of courses are available for you to try - just browse LinkedIn Learning to find the one for you. Some of the most popular courses at Oxford University include:

  • Time Management Tips
  • Word Essential Training
  • Learning Typing
  • Excel Essential Training
  • Business Etiquette: Phone, Email and Text
  • Project Management Simplified
  • Statistics Foundations
  • SharePoint Online Essential Training
  • Learning R
  • Python Essential Training

Online learning not for you? 

If you prefer interactive, teacher-led instruction, our skilled team of IT Learning Centre teachers offer a range of regular 'live' courses and seminars covering a wide range of topics. Check the Digital Skills Courses page regularly to find out what's on and book your place. 

Still have questions? Contact the IT Learning Centre for answers.